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One of the biggest and best benefits of being a member of the Shrine’s Missionary Association is that you belong to a real Spiritual Family, a great source of religious support and security.


                                                                                                                                    May 2014    

Dear Friend,

It has been said so very often that “no man is an island.”  The well respected Trappist monk, Thomas Merton, once wrote a book using these words as the book’s title.

The expression, “no man is an island,” implies that none of us are totally independent.  Rather, we all dependent on others in one way or another for both goods and services.  We also depend upon others for love, friendship, support, and security.

It is unfortunate that so many people work so very hard to become islands and wall builders, isolating themselves from friends, family members, and even their creator, almighty God.  This is not healthy behavior, and sooner or later “islands and wall builders” do pay a very high price for this kind of dysfunctional and isolating behavior.

Belonging is one of our deepest human needs.  That’s why we treasure our human relationships so very much.  We seek friends, join groups and clubs, and stay deeply bonded to family members.  That is also why we seek membership is a church, and why the Catholic church is so frequently referred to as a community, a spiritual family.

Our Christian roots go back thousands of years.  They are planted in ancient Jewish communities, communities who saw themselves as God’s chosen people, God’s family.

So when I write to you today, inviting you to again renew your membership in the Shrine’ Missionary Association, I’m inviting you to stay united with us in a family partnership of both prayer and service.  Through your prayers and membership donations you support the education of our seminarians and the many other religious and spiritual ministries of the Coredemptrix missionaries, both in the United States and in Vietnam.

As a Missionary Association member you are blessed and rewarded daily with numerous spiritual benefits.  You are remembered and prayed for every day of the week in our community’s Masses and prayers.  You are part of the Coredemptrix team, part of our family, and most importantly, part of our missionary ministry. 

Every month I receive dozens of letters from Association members.  Some of these members have been with us for many decades.  Many have lived much longer than they ever expected and, through no fault of their own, are now finding themselves more isolated and alone.  These elderly members of our Missionary Association family spend a lot of time praying for our missionaries, and we in turn, spend a lot of our time praying for them.  We are family.  We take care of each other.

So, if you are at all hesitant when it comes to renewing your Association membership, please do remember that you are part of our family.  We depend on you, and I’m sure you also depend on our prayers and devotion for you. 

That is why I’ve enclosed your 2014-2015 Missionary Association Membership certificate.  I do hope I can depend upon you to again renew your Missionary Association membership.  Your help does mean so very much to us, and I pray that our daily prayers for you and your family are equally appreciated by you.

Please notice that on the back of the enclosed Missionary Association Certificate are listed all the benefits of Association membership.  You can also enrolled another loved one in our Missionary Association.  If you would like me to send a membership certificate to that person, please do include that person’s address.

A minimum $12 donation is all that is required to remain an active Missionary Association member.  If your membership donation is $24 or more, I would like to show my deep appreciation by sending to you our 2014 Association membership gift which is pictured and described in detail on the enclosed donation form.

Do let me hear back from you today so I can be sure you have received your membership certificate and are enjoying the spiritual benefits of Missionary Association membership.  When sending your Missionary Association donation, please also let me know of any personal needs you would like prayed for in our summer Mass Novenas.

I pray all is well and again thank you so very much for your help over the past years.  I pray we will stay part of each other’s family for many more years to come.


In the love of Our Lord Jesus Christ,




Fr. Raymond Dien, CMC



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