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125 Years Later...

July 2014

Dear Friend,

125 years have now come and gone since the day Saint Therese of Lisieux was first invested with that familiar brown Carmelite habit.

And while cloths really don’t make a man or woman, the religious habit which covered the body of Saint Therese for these past 125 years continues to give great witness to the prayerful dedication that simple brown habit represents.

When a person chooses to have his or her body covered with a religious habit, that person is expected to live and act in a certain way.  For that habit is an outward sign of serious religious dedication and devotion.  People most rightfully have great expectations of those who dress themselves in a religious habit.  People expect to see in these men and woman a behavior which reflects the highest of Christian and moral standards.

Some do much better than others, but one who did the very best, and honored that habit to the highest degree possible was Saint Therese of Lisieux.  She was a giant among women, and a powerhouse of prayer.  Many would say her prayers moved mountains, both during her life and over the 117 years since her death.

So I ask you today, “Are you seeking Saint Therese’s prayerful intercession whenever you are in need of the Lord’s boundless healing and hope?”

While it is now 117 years since the death of Saint Therese, she remains one of the most popular and beloved of all saints.  Dozens of our saints command great honor and respect, but in times of serious crisis and difficulty, the powerful intercession of Saint Therese is sought the most.  So many would say without a doubt, “She’s the best.”

So I ask you again today, “Are you seeking Saint Therese’s prayerful intercession whenever you are in need of the Lord’s boundless healing and hope?”

One of the best ways to seek the prayerful intercession of Saint Therese is by participating on the Shrine’s 2014 Saint Therese Mass Novena to begin on October 1, her official Feast Day.  Starting on that day, I and my fellow Coredemptrix Missionaries will begin seeking this great woman’s intercession for the hundreds, if not thousands of prayer petitions sent to us from every corner of the United States. 

Jesus told us that we should never be fearful.  Truthfully, that is much easier said than done.  We all experience many different kinds of fears and most of them are never easy to ignore.  Most of us, in times of predicament and emergency, act more like St. Peter on that stormy sea of Galilee, fearful and asking Jesus, “Are we going to perish or are you going to save us at this terrible moment?”

Sickness and illness are always a cause for worry and anxiety, as is the very real possibility of financial hardship.  The older one gets, the more one fears a loss of memory, a loss of independence, and the terrible loneliness experienced by so many elderly.  When one doesn’t have peace of mind, fear often finds a way to take away even more peace of mind.  One hundred percent confidence in the Lord is something most of us just don’t seem to possess, and thus our lack of hope and faith so frequently gives way to terrible fears. 

Today I’d like to suggest that in our upcoming Saint Therese Mass Novena, we place all our fears into a prayer basket before our Mass Novena altar. 

Thus, I’d ask you to please write on the enclosed prayer petition form all the fears you would like taken away this season through the prayerful intercession of Saint Therese.  Also write and check on this form any other special needs or concerned you would like prayed for beginning on October 1. 

And for a third and final time, I again ask you, “Are you now ready to seek Saint Therese’s prayerful intercession in your search for the Lord’s unconditional healing and hope?”  Please don’t pass up this wonderful opportunity for help, for healing, and for peace of mind.  Please, seek that you might find, and ask that you might receive.

When sending me your St. Therese Mass Novena prayer petitions, I’d also appreciated it if you could kindly enclose a generous donation in support of our seminarians’ education. 

Our church needs many more good and well-trained priests.  Your financial support can help make that possible.  If your donation, in support of our seminarians, is $25 or more, I’d like to show my appreciation by sending back to you in return a beautiful St. Therese Statue.  This great gift is pictured and fully described on your enclosed donation form.

I said a prayer for you today and look forward to hearing from you shortly.

In the love of St. Therese of Lisieux,



Fr. Raymond M. Dien, CMC


P.S.  If you are able to send a “Back To School” donation of $20 or more in support of our seminarians’ education, please check the appropriate box on your prayer petition/donation form.  That way I’ll know if you would like me to light a special St. Thérèse Votive Candle for your personal intentions.


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