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Question & Answer
Fr. Bernard Nguyễn Trọng Thưởng, CMC Phụ Trách
  Hỏi đáp 19-21
  21. Have I really fallen in love with this boy?
20. A Catholic and a Christian?
19. I am in trouble with the law!
  Hỏi đáp 15-18
  18. An advice for those who hate their parents
17. Cousin fell in love with another cousin
16. For what purpose did God create us?
15. I really want to go to the convent.

  Hỏi đáp 12-14
  14. I'm confused by reading the Bible?
13. Am I just too old fashioned?
12. Do gay people have a choice?
  Hỏi đáp 09-11
  11. Can TV host speak to the dead?
10. Is it bad if I love my dad more...
9. Why white kids don't like Asian kids?

  Hỏi đáp 07-08
  8. Hard to believe there is a God.
7. How can sin be from free will?
  Hỏi đáp 04-06
  6. Answer to Nhi's questions.
5. Am I weird?
4. Is it bad to be pregnant?
  Hỏi đáp 01-03
  3. I hated Catholic school!
2. Asian parents are so Strick?
1. Choosing sex for a child?





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