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(Sirach 3:6)


March 2015

Dear Friend,

If you are like me, finding ways to express our special love for our beloved mothers can be difficult at times, but it can be just as simple as offering a little prayer to pray for her well-being, both physically and spiritually.  On this Mother’s Day, let us find that perfect gift for her by reflecting on the Scripture verse in the Book of Sirach: “Those who obey the Lord, honor their mother.”

Of course, by living out God’s commandments, you and I can truly give our dear mother a spiritual gift which consists of respecting and honoring her.  By honoring her, we truly express our sincere love and thanking her for all the love she has given and sacrifices she has made in order to let us know how much we are loved.

But, unfortunately, that perfect gift, or honor are just never quite adequate, and so each May, we try again to let our mother know she is the “number one” mother in the world, and the finest gift God has ever given.

Besides, the little effort it takes to honor one’s mother each year still never stacks up against her many dedicated years of toil, worry and prayer.

If any one of us sat down and honestly tried to write up a list of what “my mother did for me,” and balanced that with a list of what “I did for her,” there is no doubt in my mind your mother would have the longest list.

Please remember that when you celebrate Mother’s Day on May 10, please make every possible effort to let your mother know she is the greatest, and that you love her more than words could ever possibly express.

Even if your dear mother is deceased, you can still show your deep love and appreciation for her.

One way I would like to help you honor your mother is by praying for her in two Mother’s Day Masses, one to be celebrated here at the Immaculate Heart of Mary Shrine, and the second in Portugal at the International Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima.

The Mass at the Immaculate Heart of Mary Shrine will also be the first Mass in a nine-day, Mother’s Day Mass Novena.  The two Masses, along with the Mass Novena,

will  be prayed exclusively for the mothers, grandmothers, and wives of our friends.

Please use the enclosed card to let your mother know she will be receiving this special spiritual gift.

If your mother is deceased, you may want to give this beautiful card to another wonderful mother, or simply write her name on the card and return it with your registration form.  I will then place it before the Mass Altar during the nine-day Novena.

When returning your registration form could you also please send along a donation in support of our important ministry here at Our Lady’s Shrine?  Thousands of people will visit the Shrine in the months ahead and your gift will help to provide for the Shrine’s upkeep and maintenance.

When sending the names of the mothers you want prayed for in this year’s Mother’s Day Masses, please also consider enclosing a donation, in your mother’s name, in support of the Shrine.  If your donation is $10 or more, your mother’s name will be inscribed in the Shrine’s 2015 Mother’s Day Book of Memory.  Mothers named in this book will be prayed for at the Shrine for an entire year.

If your Mother’s Day donation is $25 or more, I’ll also see that a special Mother’s Day Votive Candle is lit in her name here at the Shrine, and that a Rose is also placed, in her name, in the Shrine’s Chapel.  And, if your donation is $30 or more, I would like to say thanks by sending back to you in return one of our 2015 Mother’s Day Rosaries.  This gift is pictured and described on the enclosed form.

If your mother has not already been remembered with a permanent memorial at the Mother’s Prayer Garden, please consider such an honor for your mother this year.  Memorial information can be found on the enclosed registration form.

Please be assured your mother and grandmothers will be prayed for by me personally on Mother’s Day.  I look forward to hearing back from you shortly.

In the love of Our Blessed Mother,



Fr. Raymond M. Dien, CMC


P.S.  Is this the year to have your mother’s name engraved on one of the Shrine’s Prayer Garden memorial plaques?  The suggested donation for a personalized Memorial Plaque is $100.  This donation is used to both maintain the memorial garden and to support so many of the Shrine’s other important ministries.


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